Since the 16th century, the Huang family have trained cormorant birds to catch and collect their fish—a practice known as Yin-Bou.

Huang Quande and Huang Yuechuang were born on a boat. Fishing using this unique and historical method on the Li River in Xing Ping is all they've ever known.

They are now no longer fishermen due to commercial overfishing on the Li River, and industrialization.

The Huang brothers have essentially become models of their past selves, posing and interacting with tourists and photographers, keeping the memory and tradition of their ancient style of fishing alive.

Director: Brent Foster 
Cinematography: Pawel Dwulit and Brent Foster 
Producer: Tammy Foster 
Editor: Joshua Beebe, The Work Inc. 
Original score: David Chapdelaine, The Work Inc.
Fixer: Karen Ho, Click Media Hong Kong 
BTS Photo and Video: Mathew Willder and Tammy Foster 
Cover: Andra Tutoveanu

Special Thanks:

Huang Quande
Huang Yuechuang
Liu Gon Ming
Liu Qin